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Luxury & Sun is a small, family-run Croatian company dedicated to providing the all-inclusive experience of life at sea for all our clients and guests. Whether you’re an avid traveler, a true gourmand, whether you’re simply looking for an unforgettable cruise vacation in Croatia or a place to have great event incentive, Luxury & Sun has it all covered.
Life at sea can certainly be a pure, unadulterated luxury: pampering cruise, superb tastes and scents of food and wine, enchanting vistas, rich history entwined with state-of-the-art naval amenities, and much more.
In Luxury & Sun, we believe that seawater, a bit of sun and gentle summer wind in your hair heal about everything.  The way we see it, the sea and all things around it are a source of enjoyment and wonder.
MS Agape Rose

MS Agape Rose

MS AGAPE ROSE  is an impressive 48,5 m luxury yacht offering the experience of the intimate and luxurious cruise. Great for anyone wishing to get up close and personal with the spectacular Adriatic shoreline, explore customized itineraries, with ample opportunities in and away from ports. Constructed in Croatia, operated by all-Croatian, experienced crew and captain, MS Agape Rose is a totally Croatian product, vouching for an unforgettable cruise vacation.
MS AGAPE ROSE  is perfect for group hire due to her size, state-of-the-art amenities and many customizable options, such as itinerary, meals and much more.  Families, various groups and business teams will appreciate the ambient of a private luxury yacht while being pampered by the attentive crew.
Come aboard and enjoy 3 decks of pure unadulterated luxury. Shaded lounge area, top deck with sun loungers and Jacuzzi, salon, restaurant, bar with alfresco lounge area, movie theatre room, onboard gym, spa area, and 11 spacious ensuite cabins are just a part of MS AGAPE ROSE all-inclusive luxury cruise offer.
Galleon Tirena


Come aboard Galleon Tirena and sail away from the crowds, straight into history!  Much more than just another panoramic cruise ship, Tirena and her merry crew will take you back into the glorious era when sailing ships and pirates ruled the seven seas.
The only Croatian historical ship replica made entirely of wood, hull included, Tirena is a 31m long, 5.7 m wide replica of the 16th-century merchant galleon, built according to the precise museum blueprints, down to the last detail, instruments, and tools included.
Just as the ship herself, Tirena water tour is one of the finest Dubrovnik attractions. Educational, immersive, interactive, suited for strollers and wheelchairs – it is a magical city break for families with kids, multigenerational groups, history aficionados and everyone looking for something completely different!
Tirena is also available for group hire, with customizable itineraries, exceptional catering, onboard Jacuzzi and much more. Galleon’s uniquely charming ambient provides a perfect backdrop for your very special event.
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